Step-by-Step Guide: How "Vintage Sterling Spoon Rings" are made.

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#1 - Ring Selection

The first and most important step in making a sterling silver spoon ring is selecting the right spoon.
  • All my Vintage Sterling Spoon Rings are made from... you guessed it - Vintage Sterling Silver Spoons.
  • I never use silverplated spoons, reproductions, or cheap copies... EVER!
  • All spoons have been personally selected for their overall condition... quality... and elegance of design.


#2 - Remove Bowl

When removing the spoons bowl it is important that the length of the handle is right for the ring you are making.
Spoon type determines ring size:
  • Demitasse spoons are used for smaller ring sizes (size 5 to 8 1/2)
  • Five O'clock spoons \ teaspoons for medium and large sizes (size 8 to 10+)
  • Ice Tea spoons for Double Spirals rings.


#3 - Prep Handle

Once the handle has been removed there are several steps that need to be taken before forming the ring.
  • Re-check length of handle to insure proper length.
  • Up close inspection with OptiVISOR to locate and buff out minor dings and scratches.
  • Initial polishing of the soon to be inside of the ring... it's easier when it's flat.


#4 -Anneal (soften) spoon handle

Prior to bending the spoon handle is softened (annealed) w/ an acetylene torch
This prevents cracking or otherwise damaging the sterling while the ring is being formed.
With some styles (double spiral) and/or rings made from spoons w/ heavy handles (Unger Bros) this process is repeated several times as required to protect the final product.


#5 - Bend & Size Ring

Bend and size handle with:
  • Ring mandrel using a leather mallet
  • Various bending / shaping jewelers pliers


#6 - Cleaning, Polishing & Final Inspection

Finally the ring is cleaned and polished using:
  • a buffing wheel (outside)
  • a dremel tool (inside)
  • a rock tumbler w/ stainless steel shot (overall finish)
After polishing is completed all rings are re-inspected prior to shipping.

About Vintage Sterling Spoon Rings
I started "Vintage Sterling Spoon Rings" making and selling spoon rings at 'Flea Markets' and 'Artists Fairs'... But living in the Desert Southwest there's several months a year that 'Artists Fairs' and 'Flea Markets' don't even exist. They can't... I's just too damn darn hot!
So, in the summer of 2010 I moved from 'Artists Fairs' and 'Flea Markets' to eBay. It was a good move... As of June 1, 2017 I've sold more than 1,700 spoonrings and, with 100% positive buyer feedback and have earned both the "eBay Power Seller" and "eBay Top-Rated Plus Seller" ratings.
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